Pics and Videos from WindFest 2010 + 2011

Posted on Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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WindFest 2011!


2010 • Nine-minute video from NewCa.com:


2010 • WindFest in the News:


2010 • Five-minute demonstration by the WindJammers:




From a child's first flight....

... to large flying beasts...

...there was something for everyone at WindFest!

Flags that reached the sky....

...colourful kite stacks that
soared across the beach...

... kite experts from across Canada and the US...

...including the amazing WindJammers
Kite Team from Michigan and Quebec!

Children and families made hundreds of paper kites.....

...and they learned all about wind & solar
power from TREC's World of Energy!

Some mayoral hopefuls dropped in,
to celebrate kites and wind power!

And it was all possible because of our sponsors,
and our spectacular volunteer team!  Thank you!


The above photos were taken by Carlos Simoes, Yvonne Bambrick, Brent Marshall, Spiro Anassis, Gary Maynard and Brendan Burge.  Full albums below:

Webshots: 45 Photos by Carlos Simoes



Flickr: Ten photos and videos by Brent Marshall

Flickr: Amazing photo by Spiro Anassis

Flickr: Gallery by Yvonne Bambrick

Facebook album by Gary Maynard

Facebook album by Brendan Burge


Royal Canadian Legion Band at WIndFest:

You Tube: James Swearingen's In All His Glory

Royal Canadian Legion Band • Live at WindFest!

Posted on Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's a festival without some live music?

And what better music for a "WindFest", than a band of wind instruments?

We are excited to annouce that Toronto's own Royal Canadian Legion Band (branch 344) will be performing at WindFest from 1pm to 3pm, beside the Boardwalk restaurant.


Band History:

For over 78 years, the Royal Canadian Legion Band has been performing and charming audiences in and around the GTA. This continuing musical group has a membership of over 30 performers which was originally founded in 1931 under the name ‘The Toronto Originals Concert Band.’

Shortly after the band's foundation, monthly performances at the Prince George Hotel began, under the direction of Captain W.J. Holden. For the next 35 years the Toronto Originals Concert Band performed in a variety of public locations which included park concerts, dinner dances, and military events.

In 1967 many of the original band members had passed away and the band changed its name to ‘The Royal Canadian Legion Concert Band,’ and affiliated itself with the Legion Branch 344.

In 1983, the Royal Canadian Legion Concert Band relocated to the old Navy League building at 1395 Lakeshore Blvd. West in Toronto where it remains today, still maintaining its affiliation with Legion Branch 344.

iPhone4 in the Sky!

Posted on Monday, September 27, 2010

A few weeks ago, we announced that we'd have a Kite Aerial Photography team at WindFest sending cameras up in the sky to document the festival from above.

Last week we conducted a test-run at Woodbine Beach, taping an iPhone4 onto a double box kite!  The camera soared into the air and captured some nice footage of Steve Polansky flying his stack of REV kites (short video clip below). 

This Saturday, we're hoping to post photos, HD video, as well as a live Kite Cam web feed!  Stay tuned for more details....

(Thanks to Justin Stayshyn for providing the iPhone and for posting the video)





posted an update on Sept 7th about our plans for Kite Aerial Photography.  Well, we've done a

Mattamy - "Bring a Kite"

Posted on Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's the newest selling feature of suburban homes?  Wide lots?  Free appliances?  Nope. Kites!

Here's a great ad from last weekend's Toronto Star.  Great to see companies in the GTA promoting kites!  Kite flying is super-fun, great exercise, social, challenging, relaxing and beautiful!

Hope to see you at WindFest.  Bring a Kite!

(Thanks to Mark Groshens, from the Toronto Kite Fliers for noticing the ad!)

Announcing the WindJammers International Kite Team!!

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2010

We're excited to announce that the WindJammers International Kite Team will be performing at WindFest!

The WindJammers are one of the most respected stunt kite performance teams in North America.  We're proud to be hosting them at Toronto's largest kite festival!

Watch the video below.  Then come see them live on Oct 2!

Kite Aerial Photography at WindFest!

Posted on Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) is a growing hobby and a fun way to combine art, design and techonology.

We took some test shots recently at Trinity Bellwoods Park (above), and now we're preparing to launch a LIVE kite video camera!!  That's right, we're hoping that WindFest will be live-streamed, from a webcam floating ABOVE the festival. 

Stay tuned for details....